Monday, 25 May 2009

Fish Porn

For an illusions project, i decided not to create an optical illusion, but instead create a bit of a head-fuck image. It's inspired by the Magritte painting 'The Reverse Mermaid'.

And the three finals:

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Children's Encyclopedia of American Birds

This was a project called 'The Invisible Library', where I had to Illustrate a book just going on the title alone. This was an A4 preliminary sketch, the Final being A3. In the words of one of my tutors, I 'ruined it (slightly)" with some shit photoshop text, so i think i'll just scan the drawing rather than the final.

The Cons of G.M. Food

These drawings were for a project on the pros and cons of G.M. Food, but i didn't really develop a pro...
The finals were a bit rushed and didn't look very good, I much prefer the sketchbook stuff.

Graphic design one word poster

For a graphics rotation i had to create a poster for the word 'Organic'.

Definitely pretty happy with this one.

Summer Profile Pack

Before going to Uni i had to create a profile pack about myself.

I chose instead to make some Top Trump Trading cards based on my friends. 
Because I'm modest.